Friday, December 19, 2008

Throw it open with open source

A reader recently suggested Zoho for an open source version of office products such as spreadsheets and word processors. They also have a ton of other products. Microsoft Office still dominates but at $400 it's expensive, particularly for home users!

Open source products can be a good alternative - the options become more numerous and better functioning all the time. Three years ago I used OpenOffice (i think the most popular alternative) but it didn't have the depth of function yet that i needed, particularly for spreadsheets. I also found it annoying on the clunky compatibility with Microsoft when you need to send documents around. It's probably better now. Three years in internet time is a century!

I am enjoying using Google Docs for quick views and edits, but again, deeper functions aren't there.

I confess I paid the big price tag for Microsoft Office on my recent laptop purchase. Is anyone using open source alternatives? How are they working for you?

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