Friday, December 12, 2008

Declaring the War on Frizz

Alright ladies - I see so many women walking around with frizzy hair despite all the expensive products on the market meant to eliminate it. This drives me nuts because those expensive products aren't even worth it and no one should have frizzy hair. So I'm declaring the War on Frizz and revealing some big secrets.

Big Secret #1 not only saves you money on shampoo and other products, it's a great solution for smoother locks: DON'T WASH YOU HAIR EVERY DAY.

Unless your head manufactures enough oil every day to lubricate your vehicle, all you're doing by shampooing it is drying it out so that you have to compensate with fancy conditioners and a whole salon full of supplemental products. Forget all the hot oil treatments and uber-conditioners. REFRAIN FROM WASHING. That's it. That's the big secret that your stylist doesn't want you to know because then you won't buy the new $25 bottle of aloe-hemp-green-tea fad nonsense that they're pushing.

My hair is curly and fine - perfect combo for being FrizzQueen. I stopped washing it every day years ago; I cut my hair product collection in half and am never frizzy.

The How-To: on the off-day in the morning, wet your hair down with a spray bottle - just damp, not sopping. Rub your fingertips on your scalp and down through your hair to activate the natural oils that built up overnight and distribute them so your roots don't look greasy. This also reactivates the product you put on it yesterday. Add additional product as needed and blow out and style as usual.

Big Secret #2: NEVER END STYLING WITH BLOWDRYING. Finish the blow out and then get your hands wet again - snag a spot of a cream gel or a leave-in conditioner (not just gel - alcohol causes flyaways) and run through your hair to smooth it down (or scrunch it if you're curly). Freeze in place with some hair spray. That's it. No frizzies.

Believe me - your hair will look better and you'll save hundreds in needless products.

I like these two products from Garnier Fructise - Cream Gel and Soft Curl.

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