Thursday, December 18, 2008

Everyone should sign up for Obopay

Here's another great service that saves money and cuts down on your trips to the ATM!

Obopay lets you send money by phone - you can text money to someone and it only costs 25 cents per transaction, no matter the size. And it's free to retrieve money! This is going to revolutionize money transfers. As an emerging small business owner, I'm starting to appreciate how much transactions cost, from cash, to checks, and especially credit cards. But I'm going to use Obopay for my business!

Read the easy tutorial on their website to find out how it works. You just link your phone to your bank account and money goes to and from there. One of their great ideas - when a group of friends is out to dinner and you're that guy that doesn't have cash, you can Obopay your portion to the person tallying the check so no one will have to spot you!

Obviously the more people using it, the easier it is. Spread the word!

Update: A TechCrunch post on Obopay.

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Maria said...

Hi Joanna, would love to hear more about how you'll use Obopay. It certainly is changing how we exchange money.