Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Save time and money with Peapod

On my last Peapod order, my delivery guy immediately began barraging me with all the ways to save money with the service - to the point that it was aggressive and unintentionally funny. One thing he did tell me that I didn't know was that I get free groceries if I refer someone to the service.

Good news is - so do you!

I think this will work - enter this promotional code when you order:

And you'll save $10 off your order.

Also, they often send free shipping coupons in the mail so watch your mailbox for them.

Peapod is awesome because you can do all your shopping in like 20 minutes from your computer, you'll avoid impulse buys, and you save all that time going to the store, dealing with rude cashiers and long lines, and you don't have to haul your loot into your car and back home. It all costs the same, you just pay for shipping - generally about $8 depending on your order, or free with the frequent promotions.

Post a comment if you want to do it and I'll give you my email address to enter so that I get free groceries for referring you!

Remember to pick your delivery time first before shopping so you can get a good time slot.

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