Monday, January 19, 2009

Upgrade your furniture - you're an adult now

If you've been putting off doing some furniture upgrades, you might consider doing that now.

I have searched high and low and I cannot find a better place for quality furniture at an affordable price than World Market - and that's during their non-sale times! But right now they're doing a huge semi-annual furniture sale that's absolutely killer. I almost bought this dresser because the price is sooooooo good at $230 but i really don't have room for it in my little place until I can move my home office out.

I have a gorgeous bar and dining table and chairs from World Market, as well as a set of nesting tables. The all-wood furniture is incredible - classy and sturdy with lasting style. It's time to toss the crap stuff you got second-hand on Craigslist or the flimsy temporary stuff from Ikea.

Seriously- this loft dining table (pictured here) for $250 or this cool backless Soho bookcase for $190 will do wonders for your place. Bookcases especially, for all us DC nerds - quit with that bowing particle board piece of junk and get a bookcase for a grownup. At these prices you can't make excuses anymore.


Amber said...

I like World Market a lot, but Value City Furniture is also great ... I got a great deal on a dining room set there.

Joanna Robinson said...

Yeah I've heard that and I know they have crazy deals sometimes. I haven't been as convinced on the consistent quality like with World Market but I know others are happy with what they get. Thanks!