Monday, January 12, 2009

The perfect exercise

Valet Magazine confirms what I often tell people - the push-up is the perfect exercise. Not the kind of person that drops $80-100 a month on a gym (like I am)? Simply doing 20-40 pushups a day and walking 20-30 minutes will make a big difference if you're default is no movement at all. See Valet's guide to the right push-up.

I'll admit proudly and publicly that I regularly do "girl" pushups - but with just one knee down. I've also taken to lifting the other leg parallel to my back for extra lower-back strengthening. I'd rather do 30 pushups with a knee down than only 5-7 regular pushups. It's not something to be embarrassed about girls; there is a physiological difference between us and men. We don't need upper body strength as much. Don't stress.

While we're talking about gyms, let me urge you to PLEASE not be the person that pays the gym membership but won't cancel it out of guilt because you don't go. Seriously - if you're not in the habit now it's probably not going to happen. DON'T WASTE THE MONEY. As much as 30% of a gym's revenue comes from those guilty nonattending members.


Joe Grossberg said...

Push-ups are good for your pecs, shoulders and triceps. Walking is great for your legs.

But if that's the entirety of your workout, you're largely neglecting your back, biceps and core.

Add some crunches (abs) and pull-ups (back and biceps) and now you're talking.

Joanna Robinson said...

That's why I qualified it with "if your default is no movement at all"! I know it's not ideal but walking and pushups are certainly better than nothing! And pushups actually get back, biceps, and core also - that's why they're so good!