Friday, January 30, 2009

don't you dare pay $40 for a sports bra

Sorry guys - I need a second to talk to the girls about the girls.

I recently realized that i hadn't updated my sports bras in a long time and that I needed ones for my higher impact workouts. But if you've shopped for sports bras lately you'll see that good ones are about FORTY CLAMS. Eff that - bypass the new stuff and head for the clearance section. Who cares if you have "last season's" sports bra?? These things do not go in and out of style. They need to fit right and provide the right support - that's all.

There are also really advanced materials now for workouts that wick away sweat and allow your skin to breathe. I went on Champion's website and found a super cute, technologically advanced, high impact bra (shown above) that was normally $36 and but on sale for FIFTEEN.

Right now they're having a sale to save $10 on 2 sports bras but that's still probably more expensive than ones already on sale.

I've worn mine several times now and it's a HUGE improvement - much more stable, and the pink and brown double-layer look is great. Remember to pay attention to the impact levels - these things are scientifically designed. If you are a runner or do any intense cardio work, you really need to make sure your jugs are locked down or you'll cause unnecessary soreness.

As a side note, the cleaning instructions on workout clothes usually say you can dry them but I air dry the bras just to be sure they last longer.

The email in my inbox this morning from Champion said they're also have a flat $5 shipping rate for orders placed in the next 2 days, so if you've been holding off on this, now is a good time to spend the $20. Your tits will thank you.

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