Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SIGGnificant savings

Buy an eco-friendly SIGG bottle and carry it with you for regular hydration.

If you buy just 3 bottles of water every week, that's about $230 per year.

Calculate your current cost with the bottled water calculator here.

In addition to contributing lots of waste to our landfills, bottled water dehydrates your wallet!

A 33 oz SIGG bottle is just $24.99 - it pays for itself in about 17 fillings. There are many styles and sizes to fit your needs - and they're so pretty!!

Bring your SIGG bottle with you when you travel but be sure it's empty when you go through security at the airport, then fill it up at a water fountain once you're on the other side.

Reasons why staying hydrated is soooooooooo good for you.

Americans spent $15 billion on buying water in 2006.

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