Thursday, November 27, 2008

Download savings on your tunes

Before you click "Buy" at the iTunes store, check out your selection at Amazonmp3. Many songs are available for $.69 per that are the standard $.99 on iTunes. Also, many albums are $6.99 that would be $9.99 on iTunes. The Amazon downloader is super user-friendly and will connect right to your iTunes interface or to any other folder on your computer.

The best part is, the songs are actual mp3s, so useable in formats beyond just iTunes and iPod if you ever need to expand beyond the Apple universe.

I'm thankful for technology that makes my life easier, more affordable, and full of luxuries!

Happy Thanksgiving.

UPDATE: Amazon also picks 5 albums every Friday to sell for $5. For the holiday, they're doing their 50 bestselling albums for $5 each. Check it out.

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