Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Check what light?

This is pretty cool via My Money Blog - there's a doohickey you can buy that will help you determine what's wrong when your "Check Engine" light comes on. For those of you with older cars, this might be a great purchase if it saves you the a half day at the dealer or a couple days without your car. Both my boyfriend and my brother have had issues with this light in the last year so I can appreciate the usefulness of finding out the problem.

if you search for “OBDII”, “OBD II”, or “OBD 2″ code readers, these devices will plug into your 1996 or newer model year car and read the diagnostic code from your car computer. In addition, they can erase or reset the code so that you can see if it is an ongoing problem.
Mechanics basically use the same thing and they can charge $50 for the service. MMB found a code reader for $25.

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